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The beginning of a strong bond

In 1938, Cornelis van de Reepe, a Dutch wholesaler in shoes and leather goods, laid the foundations for what is now a global operation. Van de Reepe was constantly annoyed at the fact that shoe soles were always letting loose. He developed an adhesive based on natural rubber: Perfecta Supra.

The adhesive became an instant success and Van de Reepe decided to give his company the impressive name of “Vereenigde Chemische Bedrijven Perfecta-Handelsonderneming Corn. V.d. Reepe & Zoon” or , in short, "Perfecta".

In 1958, the company developed the world’s first contact adhesive: Bison Kit®. Today, Bison Kit® sells hundreds of millions of units worldwide annually.

Since the 1960s, Bison Kit® has been the best selling contact adhesive throughout the Gulf States. There have been innumerable attempts to ride the wave of our success. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Names like Camel Kit, Lion Kit, Pigeon Kit and Bond Kit go to show how popular we are.

Montagekit is another no-nonsense Dutch product developed by Bison International. Montagekit by Bison is widely recognized as an excellent alternative to nailing, screwing and drilling.

Operations in more than 65 countries

Active in more than 65 countries

Two fantastic acquisitions took place in the 1980s. Velpon, byword for hobby and all-purpose glue in the Netherlands, joined the brand portfolio in 1984. In 1988, Bison International acquired Imedio, a prime adhesive brand in Spain. The Dutch company CFS, lubricating and soldering specialist, was acquired in 1990.

In 1996 the company became part of the Bolton Group, a European leader in consumer products. The company’s international scope continued to widen, and its name was changed from Perfecta to Bison International in 1999.

The new millennium meant another milestone: more than 350 different products now make up the entire assortment. Bison International’s headquarters are located in The Netherlands and we have sales offices in Belgium, France, Spain and Italy. Bison International operates in more than 65 countries. These include phenomenal growth markets such as Russia, the Baltic countries, Romania and the Middle East.

Enhanced synergy benefits and growth were achieved through the 2001 acquisition of Griffon, a great match. The Kolmat brand and the distribution rights for Western Europe for Trachet-Soberac products were added in 2004, along with the Bostik brand for the Italian market in 2006.

Much talked-about product introductions helped to ensure independent growth. All according to the philosophy of Bison International: continuous innovation and even better solutions. For bonding,assembling, sealing, lubricating and soldering. And if we don’t have the best product for the job, then we’ll develop it.

‘A passion for success’

Since 1996, Bison International has been part of the Bolton Group, a solid international network of companies with strong brands. The Bolton Group is active in a wide variety of consumer markets including food, household and cleaning products, adhesives & glues, personal & skin care and cosmetics.

Continuous product development programmes and strategic acquisitions have allowed the Bolton Group to triple its turnover since the mid-1990s.

150 million people use one or more of the Group’s 50 brands each and every day. Well-known Bolton brands include Rio Mare, Saupiquet, Prima, Omino Bianco, Carolin, Smac, WC Net, Softex, UHU, Neutro Roberts, Borotalco and Collistar.

The Bolton Group portfolio: food, home care & detergents, tissue products, adhesives & glues, personal & skin care, cosmetics. www.boltongroup.net

In the Bolton Adhesives Division, several branded adhesives (Bostik, Bison, Imedio, UHU) and chemo-technical products (Griffon, Airmax) have been joined into one strategic unit. This way, not only its own development and production competence is at the company’s disposal, but also the know-how of its affiliated companies in the different product areas.

'A passion for success'
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