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Hard facts speak for themselves. Also with regards to innovation. A few pioneering innovations from the history of Bison International:

Bison Kit® was the world’s first contact adhesive. Montagekit is a 100% Dutch invention. T-88® is the Griffon classic for PVC piping and fittings. The Air Max® Moisture Absorber concept is a prime example of market and brand extension.

PU-Tix became the first professional one-component PU adhesive to be certified by the leading Dutch institute KOMO. Bison Bond® paved the way for ultra-fast wood bonding. The highly accurate Click Gun turned out to be the ideal solution for assembling and sealing with maximum precision.

S-39®, the best soldering flux for fitters and installers. Bonding, assembling and sealing with just one product? Poly Max® made it possible. And Bison Rocket is set to become the number-one super glue of the future.

In 2009 we introduced Nexus® Glue, the glue of the future. It combines the strength of a contact glue, the speed of a superglue and the multifunctionality of an all purpose glue in one single product. It received the consumer award “Product of the Year” in three countries.

The latest innovation coming out of our own laboratories is Fiber-technology. By adding fibres to construction adhesives, a new, super strong adhesive is obtained which cures to the core.

Innovation and being a market leader go hand in hand. Research & Development is one of the cornerstones of the company. For professionals and critical DIY enthusiasts. Less experienced hobbyists benefit from products that guarantee ease of use. Bison’s R&D labs are engaged in research into new building materials and applications. So that we can take innovation to the next level.

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