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The best solution

At Bison International we see it as our mission to offer both consumers and professionals the best branded solution for each bonding, sealing and maintenance job. The best solution means that we offer a broad range of quality products: for every job the right product. It is indispensable that our products are consumer friendly and can be used in an easy way.

Innovation is one of our pillars. In this way we can guarantee the best product proposition also in the future. Communication and information is key in helping our consumers and trade partners. Therefore we are continuously working on providing information in the best way.

The Bison Information Centre answers quickly and adequately all questions received by telephone and by e-mail. In-store, our brochures and glue computers help both store staff and consumers to find the best solution for their job. And on the internet we provide our knowledge 24/7.

Besides all that, we continue on building our brands in every possible way. That is why we claim: “We offer the best solution for each bonding, sealing and maintenance job”.

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