Bison launches new TV campaign

Bison launches new TV campaign

6 July 2010

Summer starts well for Bison: exciting product introductions are being supported by a series of brand new commercials. Bison communicates ultimate strength – and at the same time, trust – in a humorous context.

The commercial stars a handyman and his DIY-pal Bison (in person), working with a number of Bison products. The payoff of this powerful campaign is ‘ I only work with Bison’.  The first series for the Dutch channels started on July 1st.   

 Credits go to advertising agency

Margot Haest, marketing communications manager at Bison International: “The briefing was very strict. We want to communicate that Bison helps you with évery job. No worries. Bison is your DIY-pal. The campaign had to stand out, match the brand ánd appeal to the DIY’er in a sympathetic way. Quite a mouthful and very ambitious indeed. Advertising agency Alfred can take all the credits, because concept, casting and execution are extremely witty. In fact, they took our briefing quite literally.”  

 Bison comes to life

The commercials rest on the performance of an experienced handyman and his DIY-pal, a lifelike Bison. Together they tackle different jobs in an expensive villa. Haest: “The Bison helps wherever he can and radiates strength and trust with a sympathetic wink. That explains the new payoff: ‘I only work with Bison’.”

 International rollout

Bison’s media campaign will be launched internationally, beginning in June with Belgium, followed by Croatia and The Netherlands. In-store, the campaign also comes to life with outstanding floor displays, various POS-materials and extensive product demonstrations.  

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