Bison into the breach for the bisons

Bison into the breach for the bisons

8 December 2011

Bison adopts the bison at Blijdorp Zoo

The agreement about this was signed on 1 December. With this adoption, Bison is also making a contribution to the survival of this illustrious zoo.

Bison International is a worldwide supplier of high-grade, sustainable solutions for gluing, sealing, lubricating and soldering. Glues and sealants from Bison represent primal strength just as the powerful but endearing bison does: 1,300 kilos, up to 3 metres long from head to tail, and a shoulder height of nearly 2 metres.

A pioneer, just like Bison

The agreement is part of the sponsorship programme “Lift a finger for Blijdorp”. The zoo attracts 1.5 million visitors each year and it profiles itself as much more than just an attraction. Margot Haest, Bison International: “Blijdorp is one of Europe’s most beautiful zoos. The initiatives regarding sustainability, education, animal welfare and the breeding programmes for threatened species also appeal to us. Blijdorp is a pioneer, just like Bison.”

Nature preservation pays off

In the 18th century, 60 million bison lived on the American prairies. In 1889 only 835 wild bison remained. In 1905, the New York Zoological Society started a breeding programme to save the species from extinction. Haest: “Nature preservation pays off and it begins with respect for nature. We must instil this in our children. It is fantastic that Bison can help the bison. Particularly in times when governments are pulling back, the business world must accept its social responsibilities.”


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