Bison introduces Nexus<sup>® </sup>Glue

Bison introduces Nexus® Glue

1 April 2009


According to manufacturer Bison International, it is “the glue of the future”. A completely new glue product, available in supermarkets and DIY stores as of mid-April. Bison Nexus Glue is “a revolutionary glue concentrate. The ideal solution for all repair jobs in and around the house.”

But: What is it that is so exciting about Bison Nexus Glue?

For the average man/woman/senior/junior:

Nexus Glue is a glue concentrate. It combines all the advantages of a contact glue (strength), super glue (speed) and all purpose glue (wide range of applications). Nexus Glue glues just everything: it is a typical household allrounder.

For chemistry box fans:

Bison Nexus Glue is “a newly developed, new concentrate technology – components partly include cyanoacrylate”.

And for our fellow Dutchmen:

In spite of the nice English words on the packaging, Nexus Glue remains a 100% own innovation of the 100% Dutch Bison laboratory.  

Final bond strength: 50 kg/cm²

Bison Nexus Glue is a super concentrate for household repair jobs. In fact, it combines three glues in one single tube. Indispensable in every kitchen drawer, to keep right at hand. Nexus Glue glues very powerfully (50 kg/cm²) and rapidly (after only twenty seconds) and can be corrected (fingers do not stick together immediately!).

Nexus Glue offers the strength of contact glue, the speed of super glue and the wide range of applications of all purpose glue. Its use varies from extremely fast repairing of e.g. pottery and china to bonding a demanding handicraft piece involving glass or polystyrene foam. Nexus Glue bonds all kinds of flexible, hard, porous or non-porous materials. It is also suitable for metal, wood, leather, rubber, paper and cardboard. Nexus Glue will be available as of the second week of April.

In short

  • Bison Nexus Glue is suitable for all repair jobs in and around the house.
  • Nexus Glue is fast, but not so fast that it sticks fingers together immediately.
  • Thanks to its ability to be corrected, the exact repairing of small parts – e.g. the ear of a coffee cup – becomes much easier.
  • The handy nozzle simplifies correct dispensing. The glue is clear and does not drip from vertical surfaces.
  • Once glued, the bond is unprecedentedly powerful, providing a final bond strength of no less than 50 kg/cm².
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