Bison receives International Design Award

Bison receives International Design Award

10 May 2015

Air Max Moisture Absorber Ambiance by Bison has been awarded the Red Dot Award in the area of Product Design. This prestigious international prize is awarded to products which, according to the panel of judges, excel in terms of design quality and innovation. The design by design agency FLEX/theINNOVATIONLAB from Delft is both functional and stylish, and has ensured that moisture absorbers no longer need to be placed out of sight, but are fitting in any type of environment. 

Senior Product Manager Marjolein Boer: "We feel very proud to have been awarded this international prize. Design played an important role in the development of Moisture Absorber Ambiance. Not only has the product group of moisture absorbers been given a functional upgrade, but we may also say that an aesthetic revolution has taken place."

Design that is worth being seen
With Moisture Absorber Ambiance, Bison is breaking new ground. The product stands out among the product group of moisture absorbers thanks to its elegant design, which is both functional and attractive. As a result of a unique air circulation system, moist air is sucked in on the side. The moisture is then collected in the reservoir, which is easy to empty using the convenient spout. This closed system is both safe and hygienic in use. This optimal combination of convenience, functionality and aesthetics ensures that this moisture absorber is worth being seen anywhere in the home.

Red Dot Design Award
This year, the 38 international judges evaluated no less than 4,928 designs from 56 countries in the Product Design category. The Red Dot Design Award is an international award for design that has been granted since 1955 by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen to products that impress through their ambitious and innovative designs. The panel of judges evaluates their level of innovation, product features, quality, ergonomics and environmental friendliness. Bison Moisture Absorber Ambiance managed to convince the judges and received a Red Dot, an internationally recognised quality label for communication and design. The official award ceremony will take place on 29 June in Essen, Germany.

About Bison Moisture Absorber Ambiance
Bison Moisture Absorber Ambiance is the most powerful solution against moisture. It effectively fights condensation, moisture and musty smells, and contributes to optimal living conditions. Moisture Absorber Ambiance makes use of the Tab+ Technology. In combination with the unique air circulation system, this advanced technology guarantees faster moisture absorption and maximum capacity. The award-winning design, available in the neutral colours White, Grey and Sand, makes the device ideal for use anywhere in the home, even in plain sight. The product is hygienic, refillable and has a convenient spout to discard any collected moisture. Refill tabs are available in the versions: Neutral, Blue Sky and Spring Blossom.


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