22 April 2013

Bolton Adhesives, one of the leading international manufacturers of adhesives and sealants with major brands such as Bison, Griffon and UHU, is establishing itself in Rotterdam. On April 5, 2013, Bolton Adhesives opened its head office in the Adriaan Volker House. The opening of this new head office will enable Bolton Adhesives to focus even more on innovation within its extensive product range and to make better use of international expansion opportunities as they arise.

The head office will manage Marketing, Sales, Finance and Human Resources departments while manufacturing will remain at current sites distributed across Europe, including the Bison International site in Goes.

Ready to enter emerging markets
Bolton Adhesives carries five prominent brands: UHU, Bison, Griffon, Imedio and Air Max. These solid brands offer comprehensive solutions to consumers, professional end users and business partners in the area of adhesives and sealants.

By combining skills and know-how, Bolton Adhesives can respond quickly and effectively to the desires and needs of end users in a way that no other company can. Innovation and sustainability are the driving forces of its strategy, for which Bolton Adhesives can now draw on twice as much power to reach..


The joint forces of Bison International and UHU into Bolton Adhesives also increases the effectiveness in unlocking the potential of emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South America, the Far East and Australia.


“We are proud to be able to serve the market with such a full range of adhesives and sealants,” said Rob Uytdewillegen, Managing Director of Bolton Adhesives. “By working closely together at the head office in dynamic Rotterdam, we are able to change gears quickly and work even more efficiently. We are ready for further growth on the export markets and are all set to develop beautiful, innovative and sustainable products.”

About Bolton Adhesives
Bolton Adhesives is part of the Bolton Group. The Bolton Group offers quality products in five consumer markets, namely food, personal and health care, household care, cosmetics, and adhesives. Bolton Adhesives represents the adhesives division of the Bolton Group and carries five prominent brands: UHU, Bison, Griffon, Imedio and Air Max. Bolton Adhesives products offer the best solutions for bonding or sealing paper and cardboard, leather, fabric and wood, as well as for joining metal and plastic at home, in the office, at school, for DIY projects as well as professional jobs. The company sells through multiple distribution channels including supermarkets, office supply stores, do-ityourself stores and the professional market. Bolton Adhesives employs approximately 700 employees.

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