Griffon wood construction range

Griffon wood construction range

1 December 2009

Griffon introduces Wood Construction Adhesives in Belgium


Griffon is a pre-eminent specialist in adhesives for professionals, well-known for, among others, its T-88® PVC adhesive. Based on many years of experience, Griffon now presents a complete range of wood construction adhesives. With the products of Griffon’s wood construction adhesive range, professional carpenters and interior builders immediately have the best solution for every job at their disposal. Whether it concerns window frame corner joints, panelling a curved front desk or bonding wood to another material, Griffon always provides a top quality bond.  

The Griffon wood construction range consists of a number of high quality PVAc wood adhesives, polyurethane and contact adhesives.

Within the new wood construction range, the Fibre-technology is a good example of Griffon’s innovative character. Added fibres provide unparalleled strength to the products. This technique – developed in Griffon’s own laboratories – is applied, among others, in Griffon PU-Tix Fiber and Griffon Construction Foam Adhesive Fiber.

In addition, Griffon’s spray adhesives are unique of their kind.  The finely nebulised spray pattern and the high temperature resistance always guarantee an impressive end result to the user.

For Griffon, quality comes first.  As a result, many Griffon products were granted authoritative certificates, such as ATG, giving the professional just that little extra bit of security.

Griffon. Committed to professionals.

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