Griffon presents WDF-05

Griffon presents WDF-05

25 July 2011

At Griffon, we are specialist in connection techniques for piping systems. We proudly present, as a specialist in pool construction, WDF-05 PVC solvent cement. Developed by our laboratories.

WDF-05 was developed in close collaboration with pipe manufacturers and pool builders and is ideal for use in humid conditions. WDF-05 is the perfect adhesive for bonding thick-walled PVC flexible hoses and rigid PVC pipes, joints and fittings. WDF-05, in a distinctive blue color, is very fast and suitable for pressure pipes and drainage systems. The thixotropic character makes it the suitable solvent cement to use for both tight and wide applications. WDF-05 can be used for pipe diameters up to 160 mm and a maximum pressure of 16 bar (PN 16). All these powerful features makes WDF-05 ideal for use in spa, whirlpool and pool construction.

Quality is of great importance for you as a professional. The quality of Griffon WDF-05 has been extensively tested and meets the European norms EN14814 and EN14680. WDF-05 was also found suitable for pipeline systems in accordance with EN1329, 1452, 1453, 1455 and ISO15493 (PVC).

The unique packaging of the WDF-05 assures you as a professional of an easy use. The plastic bottle is durable, does not rust or damage and has a quick release that is easy to open, even with remains of cement. The ergonomic cap with special integrated brush has a comfortable grip. The rounded brush is to apply the glue evenly, easily and quickly. So with Griffon WDF-05 you are assured of the perfect connection!

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