PE Cleaner now available in aerosol

PE Cleaner now available in aerosol

6 February 2012

PE Cleaner, the high-quality cleanser for cleaning and degreasing plastic joint components in preparation for welding, is now also available in a very user-friendly aerosol can: PE Cleaner Spray.

Optimum welding process
For an optimum welding process and a reliable final result for plastic connection techniques such as electro-welding and mirror welding, a proper preliminary treatment of the pipes to be welded and the fittings to be used is extremely important. A thorough cleaning and degreasing of the surfaces is an important part of this.

Handy aerosol can
The new PE Cleaner Spray, in combination with the lint-free ‘Cleaner Cloth’, is ideal for cleaning and degreasing pipes, sleeves and fittings made from PE, PP, PVDF and PB in preparation for welding. The handy 500 ml spray can is functional in all positions, even upside down. This makes it easy to apply accurately and in the correct amount.

PE Cleaner Product Range
Professionals now have the choice between the liquid PE Cleaner in a bottle, the ready-to-use PE Cleaner Wipes and the new PE Cleaner Spray; with the PE Cleaner product range from Griffon, optimum surface cleaning and degreasing is guaranteed.

In short: for the reliable welding of joints in plastic pressure and drain systems, professionals choose Griffon; the specialist in connection techniques for pipe systems.

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